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SOS Danbuoy Man Overboard System

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Throw the SOS DanBuoy into the water and within seconds of immersion, it inflates, and stands 2.0 meters above the waterline, highly visible up to 1,700 meters.
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MFG Part#:   SOS-6375
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The first Inflatable Marker Dan Buoy to have the testing to International Standards (ISO 12402.9.2006). The S.O.S Marine Man Overboard "Dan Buoy" resolves challenges of quickly deploying man overboard gear by bringing all pieces together in one fluorescent green/yellow unit with whistle. It is easy to see, easy to hear, easy to stow, and easy to deploy.

SOS Dan Buoy has the capability to fulfil a need for all boats; from navy boats to yachts and power boats both small and large in the areas of professional safety and rescue. Designed, manufactured and patented by SOS Marine, Australia.The SOS Inflatable Marker Dan Buoy is a new life-saving technology in person overboard situations; providing rapid flotation assistance to a person at risk of drowning.

Unique design features include the ability to have this compact valise ready for use. Just throw in the water. Superb functionality, portable, simple and easy to operate by all ages, and not restricted by geographic areas or language problems.

Once thrown into the water the SOS Dan Buoy is inflated standing 2.5 metres above the water, (using a similar mechanism to an inflatable life jacket).

It is weighted down to stand vertically in water, has a sea anchor to drift with the current-similar to a person in the water.

Highly visible up to 1,700 metres away

Two handles are located just above the surface of the water to enable the person to hold onto awaiting rescue.

Attention to detail has been given to all aspects of this high quality manufactured SOS Dan Buoy Marker. It is easily stowed, low maintenance and reusable making the product environmentally sustainable.

The SOS Dan Buoy replaces existing products which have poor visibility for both the person in the water and for first response teams.

After being trialled and tested by the New Zealand Navy and the NSW Air Wing Police, it holds up exceptionally well in terms of originality, visibility , durability, maintenance and serviceability and can be used for highly diverse rescue operations.

Design features:
  • It is housed in its own valise and thrown overboard and then water activated. The SOS Dan Buoy then inflates marking the area where the swimmer is.
  • The SOS Dan Buoy stands 2 metres out of the water, has a sea anchor, grab handles, whistle and ribbon flying from the top. The combination of the fluro yellow colour, solas reflective patches and the ribbon makes spotting much easier. 
  • This product is excellent in simplicity of design. When there is an emergency of man overboard within seconds this simply safety aid can be thrown as is, no need to set or activate. It is water activated within seconds of immersion and stands 2 metres above the water level.
  • It has SOLAS reflective patches and grab handles for the swimmer to use to assist in supporting them.
This improvement in safety has positive advantages for the marine market in every country that has boats on water both inland and sea.SOS Dan Buoy uses have expanded as each purchaser introduces it into boating experiences e.g. temporary channel marker, boat handling training aid.

  • Fast 7 Second inflation - Within seven seconds, the buoy self-inflates
  • High Visibility Day and Night
  • Compact
  • Includes SOLAS Strobe Light on top, extending light's visibility
  • Includes Oversized Drogue
  • Includes Whistle
  • ISAF conforming ISO 12402 quality
  • Award winning
  • Compact - 11" x 8" x 3"
  • Lightweight - 10 lbs
  • Ready to use - Just throw
  • Easy to stow -Self-contained
  • Easy to transport between vessels
  • All in one package
  • Auto inflation mechanism as on inflatable life jackets
  • Extra large 47" x 23-1/2" drogue to retard drift
  • Arm straps for person overboard
  • Visible from over (1) Mile in daylight
    • Fluorescent yellow buoy 6 Foot height above water
    • 8 Foot fluorescent yellow fabric streamer top
  • Highly visible at night
    • Water activated strobe
    • SOLAS light reflective tape
  • Sound signal - whistle - for fog
  • Easy to maintain, repack and reuse
  • Rescue aircraft deployment
    • Drop from up to 1,000 feet
  • Green ready indicators
  • Takes widely available 1/2" 33 gram CO2 Cylinder
  • International Patent PCT/AU2010/000397


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