At The Binnacle, you can find high-performance Harken sailboat components, including blocks, travelers, and winches, for use aboard any boat, from Optimist dinghies to the America’s Cup.

Harken, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of quality marine and sailboat hardware and accessories.
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Harken 2698 18mm Fly Soft-Attach Block #: H2698 

Our Price: $32.95 

Harken 2158 18mm Fly Soft-Attach Double Block #: H2158 

Our Price: $54.95 

Harken 2151 57mm T2 Loop Soft-Attach Block #: H2151 

Our Price: $69.95 

Harken 2152 57mm T2 Soft-Attach Block #: H2152 

Our Price: $64.95 

Harken 2146 29mm Soft-Attach Block #: H2146 

Our Price: $34.95 

Harken 2148 40mm T2 Loop Soft-Attach Block #: H2148 

Our Price: $59.95 

Harken 2149 40mm T2 Soft-Attach Block #: H2149 

Our Price: $52.95 

Harken 2159 40mm T2 Soft-Attach Ratchamatic Block #: H2159 

Our Price: $89.95 

Harken 2160 57mm T2 Soft-Attach Ratchamatic Block #: H2160 

Our Price: $99.95 

Harken 2160.RED 57mm T2 Soft-Attach Ratchamatic Block Red Sheave #: H2160.RED 

Our Price: $96.95 

Harken 18mm Fly Soft Attach Block Narrow #: H2161 

Our Price: $32.95 
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