A division of Akzo Nobel, Interlux is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high performance yacht and marine coatings. Formed in 1881, the Interlux brand has become synonymous with the highest standard of care for all kinds of vessels and has become established as an integral part of boat building and maintenance. No matter where you are in the world, Interlux offers high performance yacht coatings for both above and below the waterline
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Goldspar 60 Varnish Satin Rubbed Effect Quart
Binnacle.com #: 13050 

Our Price: $39.95 

Interlux 90 Original Spar Varnish Quart
Binnacle.com #: 13051 

Our Price: $29.95 

Interlux Compass Clear Varnish 502 Quart
Binnacle.com #: 13058 

Our Price: $39.95 

Interlux Schooner Gold Varnish 500 - Quart
Binnacle.com #: 13059 

Our Price: $49.95 

Interlux Varnish 96 Schooner Quart
Binnacle.com #: 13054 

Our Price: $42.95 

Perfection Plus 950 Quart
Binnacle.com #: 13056 

Our Price: $99.95 
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