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Sailing Directions & Annual Publications

Canadian Hydrographic Service Sailing Directions are the indispensable companions to paper charts. Sailing Directions are a great low cost tool for planning and assisting in navigation because they provide information that cannot be shown on a chart. 

We stock all 34 Canadian Sailing Directions books and the 2 Small Craft Guides covering Canadian waters. They are conveniently three hole punched, and spiral bound for easy reference and practical use.
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Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters 2012 Edition #: TP5064 

Our Price: $29.95 
Canadian Notices to Mariners 1 to 46 Annual Edition 2024 #: TP390 

Our Price: $69.95 
Radio Aids to Marine Navigation 2024 Edition #: TP146 

Reg. Price: $59.95
Sale: $47.95

Sailing Directions General Information Northern Canada 1st Edition #: ARC400 

Our Price: $26.95 
Sailing Directions Hudson Strait Hudson Bay and Adjoining Waters 1st Edition #: ARC401 

Our Price: $25.95 
Sailing Directions Eastern Arctic 1st Edition #: ARC402 

Our Price: $26.95 
Sailing Directions Great Slave Lake and MacKenzie River 1st Edition #: ARC404 

Our Price: $22.50 
Sailing Directions Western Arctic 1st Edition #: ARC403 

Our Price: $21.95 
Sailing Directions General Information Atlantic Coast 2007 #: ATL100 

Our Price: $14.95 
Sailing Directions Newfoundland Northeast and East Coasts 2nd Edition #: ATL101 

Our Price: $14.95 
Sailing Directions Cape North to Cape Canso 2010 #: ATL104 

Our Price: $14.95 
Sailing Directions Cape Canso to Cape Sable 2014 #: ATL105 

Our Price: $18.95 
Sailing Directions Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy 2001 #: ATL106 

Our Price: $18.95 
Sailing Directions Saint John River 2009 #: ATL107 

Our Price: $14.95 
Sailing Directions Gulf of St Lawrence Southwest Portion 2006 #: ATL108 

Our Price: $20.95 
Sailing Directions Gulf of St Lawrence Northeast Portion 2006 #: ATL109 

Our Price: $19.95 
Sailing Directions St. Lawrence: Cap Whittle to Les Escoumins 2011 #: ATL110 

Our Price: $10.95 
Sailing Directions St Lawrence: Ile Verte to Quebec #: ATL111 

Our Price: $9.95 
Sailing Directions St Lawrence River Cap-Rouge to Montreal 2009 #: ATL112 

Our Price: $9.95 
Sailing Directions Labrador: Camp Islands to Hamilton Inlet 2004 #: ATL120 

Our Price: $18.95 
Sailing Directions Labrador: Hamilton Inlet to Cape Chidley 2016 #: ATL121 

Our Price: $18.95 
Sailing Directions General Information Great Lakes 1st Edition #: CEN300 

Our Price: $14.95 
Sailing Directions St Lawrence River Montreal to Kingston 2nd Edition #: CEN301 

Our Price: $14.95 
Sailing Directions Lake Ontario 1st Edition #: CEN302 

Our Price: $14.95 
Sailing Directions Welland Canal and Lake Erie 1st Edition #: CEN303 

Our Price: $14.95 
Sailing Directions Detroit River Lake St Clair St Clair River 1st Edition #: CEN304 

Our Price: $9.95 
Sailing Directions Lake Huron St Marys River Lake Superior 1st Edition #: CEN305 

Our Price: $19.95 
Sailing Directions Georgian Bay 2nd Edition #: CEN306 

Our Price: $19.95 
Sailing Directions North Channel of Lake Huron 1st Edition #: CEN307 

Our Price: $14.95 
Sailing Directions Rideau Canal and Ottawa River 1st Edition #: CEN308 

Our Price: $19.95 
Sailing Directions Trent Severn Waterway 1st Edition #: CEN309 

Our Price: $18.95 
Sailing Directions General Information Pacific Coast 2006 #: PAC200 

Our Price: $19.95 
Sailing Directions Inner Passage Queen Charlotte Sound to Chatham Sound 2002 #: PAC205 

Our Price: $19.95 
Sailing Directions Queen Charlotte Islands Second Edition #: PAC206 

Our Price: $19.95 
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