A division of Akzo Nobel, Interlux is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high performance yacht and marine coatings. Formed in 1881, the Interlux brand has become synonymous with the highest standard of care for all kinds of vessels and has become established as an integral part of boat building and maintenance. No matter where you are in the world, Interlux offers high performance yacht coatings for both above and below the waterline
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Interlux Bottomkote-CA - Gallon
Binnacle.com #: 14216 
Our Price: $229.95 
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Interlux Bottomkote-CA - Quart
Binnacle.com #: 11053 
Our Price: $74.95 

Interlux Micron CSC-CA Anti-fouling Quart
Binnacle.com #: 14210 
Our Price: $109.95 

Interlux Micron CSC-CA Antifouling Gallon
Binnacle.com #: 10571 
Our Price: $349.95 
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VC 17m Antifouling - Quart
Binnacle.com #: 13064 
Our Price: $139.95 

VC Offshore - Gallon
Binnacle.com #: 13070 
Our Price: $449.95 
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