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IMO Marine Environment Protection

As a specialized agency of the United Nations, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping. Its main role is to create a regulatory framework for the shipping industry that is fair and effective, universally adopted and universally implemented.

IMO measures cover all aspects of international shipping - including ship design, construction, equipment, manning, operation and disposal - to ensure that this vital sector remains safe, environmentally sound, energy efficient and secure.

Energy efficiency, new technology and innovation, maritime education and training, maritime security, maritime traffic management and the development of the maritime infrastructure are all issues underpinning IMO's commitment to provide the institutional framework necessary for a safe, green and sustainable global maritime transportation system.
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IMO 2020 Consistent Implementation of MARPOL Annex VI 2019 #: IMO666 

Our Price: $55.95 
IMO International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil 1954 OILPOL 1981 Edition #: IMO500 

Our Price: $21.95 
IMO Provisions Concerning the Reporting of Incidents Involving Harmful Substances Under MARPOL 1999 Edition #: IMO516 

Our Price: $21.95 
IMO MARPOL Consolidated Edition 2022 #: IMO520 

Our Price: $269.95 
IMO Condition Assessment Scheme CAS 2006 Edition #: IMO530 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Waste Assessment Guidelines under the London Convention and Protocol 2014 Edition #: IMO531 

Our Price: $59.95 
IMO London Convention and London Protocol 2016 Edition #: IMO532 

Our Price: $34.95 
IMO Guidance for the Development of Action Lists and Action Levels for Dredged Material 2009 Edition #: IMO538 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Guidelines for Fish Waste 2013 Edition #: IMO539 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO OPRC Convention 1991 Edition #: IMO550 

Our Price: $24.95 
IMO Manual on Oil Pollution: Section I - Prevention 2011 Edition #: IMO557 

Our Price: $36.95 
IMO Response to a Marine Oil Pollution Incident 2016 Edition #: IMO558 

Our Price: $35.95 
IMO Manual On Oil Pollution: Section II - Contingency Planning 2018 Edition #: IMO560 

Our Price: $49.95 
IMO Manual On Oil Pollution: Section III - Salvage 1997 Edition #: IMO566 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Manual On Oil Pollution: Section V - Administrative Aspects of Oil Pollution Response 2009 Edition #: IMO572 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Guidelines on Oil Spill Dispersant Application including Environmental Considerations 1995 Edition #: IMO575 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Manual On Oil Pollution: Section VI - IMO Guidelines for Sampling and Identification of Oil Spills 1998 Edition #: IMO578 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Manual on Oil Spill Risk Evaluation and Assessment of Response Preparedness 2010 Edition #: IMO579 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO/UNEP Guidance Manual on the Assessment and Restoration of Environmental Damage Following Marine Oil Spills 2009 Edition #: IMO580 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Implementation of an Incident Management System (IMS) 2012 Edition #: IMO581 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Guideline for Oil Spill Response in Fast Currents 2013 Edition #: IMO582 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Operational Guidelines on Sunken and Submerged Oil Assessment and Removal Techniques 2016 Edition #: IMO583 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Guide on Oil Spill Response in Ice and Snow Conditions 2017 Edition #: IMO585 

Our Price: $74.95 
IMO Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plans 2010 Edition #: IMO586 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Port Reception Facilities - How to Do It 2016 Edition #: IMO597 

Our Price: $55.95 
IMO Guidelines for Ensuring the Adequacy of Port Waste Reception Facilities 2000 Edition #: IMO598 

Our Price: $29.95 
IMO Crude Oil Washing Systems 2000 Edition #: IMO617 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Dedicated Clean Ballast Tanks 1982 Edition #: IMO619 

Our Price: $29.95 
IMO Ballast Water Management Convention and BWMS Code 2018 Edition #: IMO621 

Our Price: $69.95 
IMO In-Situ Burning Guidelines 2017 Edition #: IMO623 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Ballast Water Management - How to Do It 2017 Edition #: IMO624 

Our Price: $35.95 
IMO Manual on Chemical Pollution: Section 1 Problem Assessment and Response Arrangements 1999 Edition #: IMO630 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Manual on Chemical Pollution: Section 2 Search and Recovery of Packaged Goods Lost at Sea 2007 Edition #: IMO633 

Our Price: $29.95 
MARPOL How to Do It 2013 Edition #: IMO636 

Our Price: $63.95 
IMO Manual on Chemical Pollution: Section 3 Legal and Administrative Aspects of HNS Incidents 2015 Edition #: IMO637 

Our Price: $39.95 
IMO Port State Control 2023, 2024 Edition #: IMO650 

Our Price: $99.95 
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