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NavPod Electronics Housings

NavPod's company vision is to produce a high-quality waterproof housing that protects and enhances the Electronics display it was specifically designed to fit. Five years ago, owner Rob Walsh made a 100% commitment to the NavPod brand. This quickly turned into relocating the company, investing in new manufacturing equipment and assembling a great new team. 
The Product Development and Design team utilizes the latest integrated CAD/CAM software resulting in mould tolerances of +/- fifteen-thousandths of an inch. This level of accuracy makes for a near-perfect fit between the multiple thermoformed pieces that make up a NavPod.
The Binnacle stocks many combinations of NavPod AngleGuards and special orders the Pre-Cut housings specific to our customer's model of Electronics.
The three most common housing types are;
  • InstrumentPods are for mounting 3, 4 or 5 instruments in a single NavPod. We recommend a StraightGuard for mounting an InstrumentPod by itself, or a Double Bend AngleGuard for mounting an InstrumentPod above a SailPod.
  • SailPods are designed for mounting a single Radar, Chartplotter or MFD display at the helm.
  • SystemPods are designed for mounting multiple pieces of electronics into a single NavPod. A Radar or Chartplotter can easily be mounted alongside Autopilot or Instrument displays. For Sailboats, we recommend the use of a Single Bend AngleGuard.
Please call or email regarding the IntrumentPod, SailPod or SystemPod needed for you Electronics system. 
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NavPod AngleGuards #: 36388 
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NavPod GP1040-17 Pre Cut for Raymarine Axiom 9+ #: 37690 

Our Price: $619.95 
NavPod TPK300 Tamperproof Wrench Set For NavPods #: 38378 

Our Price: $29.95 
NavPod PP71RA Power Pod Large Pre Cut #: 38014 

Our Price: $199.95 
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