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Cutless Bearings

Is it a "Cutlass" or "Cutless" Bearing?


Cutlass Bearing (plural Cutlass Bearings)

(nautical) A bearing on the drive shaft of a vessel, usually made of brass with an inner grooved rubber lining that is lubricated by the surrounding water entering the grooves as it rotates. It is a variant of the Stave bearing quotations

When you replace a drive shaft on your boat, it is also a good idea to replace the cutlass bearing where the drive shaft exits the boat.

Usage notes

The original term is cutless bearing, but that is a trade name (Johnson Duramax Marine), and the corruption "cutlass bearing" is in common use.

Courtesy - Wiktionary
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Duramax Johnson Naval Brass Cutless Bearings #: 31663 

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Western Pacific Flax Shaft Packing with PTFE #: 24101 

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Western Pacific Shaft Packing Flax 1/2 in. x 2 Ft. #: 24992 

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Western Pacific #1 Flexible Flax Packing Extractor - 1/4 Inch and Larger Packing #: 34531 

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