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Ocean Signal SafeSea EPIRB1 Pro with Auto Release Housing

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The hydrostatic release mechanism automatically deploys the EPIRB if the vessel sinks making this a Category 1 unit for vessels requiring a mandatory EPIRB. State of the art 66 channel GPS receiver for fast and accurate position acquisition. Meets or exceeds all International standards including IMO and GMDSS.
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Binnacle.com:   #10408
Brand:  Ocean Signal
MFG Part#:   EPIRB1 Pro
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Ocean Signal SafeSea EPIRB1 Pro with Auto Release Housing

This EPIRB's UIN is programmed for registration in Canada.

Ocean Signal has developed the world's most compact Category 1 (auto-deploy) Emergency Position Indicating Rescue Beacon - the SafeSea EPIRB1 Pro.

The new EPIRB1 Pro features a ground-breaking 30 percent reduction in size compared to other EPIRBs, huge 10-year battery life and a retail price that makes it one of the most affordable EPIRBs on the market.

Providing an essential link to emergency services for both recreational and commercial vessels, the Ocean Signal beacon complies with IMO regulations that require an automatic release housing to be provided for mandatory fitted EPIRBs.

The SafeSea EPIRB1 Pro is designed to release automatically from the Category 1 Auto Deploy Bracket once submerged in water and float free from a sinking vessel. It will then transmit the boat’s distress message to alert rescue authorities when floating on the surface.

Weighing 422 g (14.9 oz), the EPIRB1 Pro measures just 178 mm (H) by 89 mm (W) by 100 mm (D) and is supplied with the automatic deployment bracket (Category 1), or "float-free."

The SafeSea EPIRB1 Pro operates on the three Cospas-Sarsat satellite systems, including the new MEOSAR, ensuring they will offer the near-instantaneous signal detection and transmission enabled by the global MEOSAR satellites and upgraded ground-station components.

Using the next-gen network, anyone activating an EPIRB1 Pro can expect their beacon to be located within 100 meters (328'), 95% of the time, within 5 minutes of the distress signal. The new EPIRB1 Pro incorporates a state-of-the-art 66 channel GPS receiver for faster location and improved accuracy.

Ensuring maximum chance of survival in an emergency, the Ocean Signal SafeSea EPIRB1 Pro communicates the location of the survivors to search and rescue services in three ways - the designated 406 MHz Cospas-Sarsat satellite system with position provided by an integrated GPS receiver, a 121.5 MHz homing beacon, plus a high brightness LED strobe light to maximize visibility in low light conditions.

Once activated, the SafeSea EPIRB1 Pro transmits the position and user’s unique ID to a Rescue Coordination Centre via satellite link for transfer to the relevant local search and rescue services.

Operating within a temperature range of -20° C and +55° C and waterproof up to 10 meters, the Ocean Signal EPIRB will transmit for 48 hours to keep rescue services updated for longer.

  • Most compact Float Free EPIRB - 30% Smaller Footprint (typically)
  • State of the art 66 channel GPS receiver for fast and accurate position acquisition
  • Float Free bracket, automatic release housing with HR1E Hydrostatic Release Unit including an adapter to provide multiple retrofit options. 
  • High-intensity strobe lights
  • 10 Year Battery Life
  • Intuitive operating controls protected from accidental activation
  • Meets or exceeds all International standards, including IMO and GMDSS
  • Class 2 EPIRB (-20°C – +55°C) for general use
  • Non-hazardous battery

Note: IMO/TC regulations require an automatic release housing to be provided for mandatory fitted EPIRB's.

  Ocean Signal EPIRB1 Pro Product User Manual 912S-03403_v01.01

  Ocean Signal EPIRB1 Pro Canadian Technical Acceptance Certificate

  Ocean Signal EPIRB1 Safety Data Sheet

SPECIFICATIONS EPIRB1 Pro with Auto Release Housing

406/121.5/GPS MHz Satellite Transmitters
  • Satellite Transmission: 406.040MHz, 12Watts (Max EIRP)
  • Homing Transmission: 121.5MHz, 50mW nominal
  • Output Power: 5 Watts (nominal)
  • GPS Receiver 66 Channel
  • MEOSAR Compatible: Yes
Low Duty Cycle Strobe Light
  • Light Type: High intensity LED
  • Output Power: >1 Candela
  • Type: Lithium Primary
  • Chemistry: Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2
  • Operational Life: >48 hours @ -20°C
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)
  • Replacement Interval: 10 Years
  • Size (EPIRB Only / Antenna up): 340 x 89 x 100 mm
  • Size (Bracket): 237 x 191 x 121 mm
  • Weight (EPIRB & Bracket): 1250 g
  • Weight (EPIRB Only): 422 g

It is mandatory for all Canadian 406 MHz ELTs, PLB, and EPIRBs to be registered with the Canadian Beacon Registry.

Ensuring that your 406 MHz PLB, ELT or EPIRB is registered and updating the information regularly will facilitate the task for search and rescue personnel in the event of a distress situation.

If you have a registered emergency beacon, it is important that the information be accurate.

Please update the information in the registry:

  • if you move
  • if you want to update the emergency contact information
  • if your phone number changes, or
  • if any of the important information in the registry changes, such as the vessel's or aircraft's colour.
Online access to the Canadian Beacon Registry is available to all 406 MHz emergency beacon owners to register new emergency beacons or to update their current information.

You can add or update your emergency beacon information online by faxing or emailing a completed registration form or by speaking with a representative:

Online: www.cbr-rcb.ca/cbr
by email: cbr@sarnet.dnd.ca 
by fax: 1-877-406-FAX8 (3298)
by telephone: 1-877-406-SOS1 (7671)
by mail:
Canadian Beacon Registry, CMCC Trenton,
8 Wing Trenton
PO Box 1000 Stn Forces

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