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Battery Equaliser 500 ml

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Battery Equaliser is a non-corrosive, non-flammable, water-based liquid battery treatment, formulated to extend the life and performance of any new or used lead acid battery. Simply top up cells with recommended amount for up to 3 times the life of batteries.
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MFG Part#:   4826
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Battery Equaliser® 500 ml 4826

Battery Equaliser fluid is the number one globally tested and proven industrial liquid battery treatment, formulated to extend the life and performance of any new or used lead acid battery.

Simply top up battery cells with the recommended amount for up to three times the life of new and existing batteries. Increase CCA and energy savings. 

Trucks, tractors, ATV's, motorcycles, Forklifts, golf carts, emergency generators/pumps as well as solar, wind, storage batteries. Millions of batteries treated globally.

Treated storage batteries require up to 80% less trickle charge to stay maintained in peak condition.

Major energy savings up to $1,000 off electrical bills, per unit, per year, for electric lift trucks, airport tugs, golf carts, scissor lifts, and floor machines.
  • Prolong battery life up to 10 years
  • Increase performance and voltage
  • Increase Cold Cranking Amps
  • Less watering (up to 50%)
  • Slower discharge, Faster recharge
  • Less trickle charge required (up to 80%)
  • Up to 30% energy saving
  • One bottle treats up to 5 starting batteries
  • Now made in Canada

  Battery Equaliser MSDS

Battery Equaliser® Dosage/Usage Chart

12 Volt Car Battery 1/2 oz. per cell
12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery 1 oz. per cell
6 Volt Car Battery 1 oz. per cell
6 Volt Golf Cart Battery 2 oz. per cell
8 Volt Golf Cart Battery 2 oz. per cell
12 Volt Large Truck Battery 2 oz. per cell (8HD or 8D)
24-36-48 Volt Forklift Battery 3 1/2 oz. per cell, or
1/2 oz. per 100 Ah per cell
(1000 Ah = 5oz. per cell)
Please use which ever is greater for maximum benefit.

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