DHR Anchor Light Brass Oil Lamp 8611/O

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DHR Anchor Light Brass Oil Lamp 8611/O

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Solid polished and lacquered brass 4" DHR decorative oil Anchor lamp.
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MFG Part#:   8611/O
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DHR Den Haan Rotterdam

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DHR Anchor Light 4" Polished Brass Oil Lamp 8611/O

The famous DHR Anchor Light. A nautical lantern used to indicate a ship was at anchor. Made from brass, this true icon is a sign of quality since 1922 and DHR's nautical heritage.

Solid brass, polished and lacquered, a 125 ml Oil container and an operating time +/- 40 hrs. 

The 8611/O is suitable as both a table lamp, or hanging lamp. 

Dimensions: 10" Tall and 4-1/2" in diameter. Made in Holland.

Replacement Parts:
  • Wick: KAT05
  • Burner: BR05
  • Chimney: 5"' x 67mm: 31 mm Diameter LG05067

Follow these tips to ensure that you get many years of use from your oil burner

Remove the oil container from the lamp before filling it with paraffin or lamp oil. Remove the lamp chimney and carefully unscrew the burner (be careful not to use the stem of the burner as a lever when doing this). Fill the oil container approximately 3/4 full with paraffin or colourless lamp oil. Screw the burner back on the oil container again. Leave the wick to become fully saturated for approximately 30 minutes.

Turn the wick until it emerges just above the wick holder. If necessary trim the wick level using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. After lighting the wick replace the lamp chimney and keep the flame low until the cold glass has had time to warm so as not to prevent the glass from cracking. Now adjust the flame such that there is no smoke. When the lamp is first used this adjustment will need to be repeated a number of times as the wick stretches.

To extinguish the burner turn the wick down until the flame goes out. Allow the lamp chimney to cool before re-lighting the lamp. To prevent the swollen wick damaging the the turning mechanism of burners it is recommended that the wick be replaced on an annual basis. Make sure that both the oil lamp and the bottle of lamp oil are kept out of the reach of children.

  DHR Spare Parts Manual.pdf
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Works Great! September 07, 2012
Reviewer: Tanzersailer from Yellowknife
This lamp is an excellent alternative to a powered anchor light for smaller boats with less battery stores than a larger boat. Is nice down below as well but make sure to set the wick correctly or there will be lots of smoke that will foul up the glass.
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