Xantrex Freedom XC PRO Pure Sine Inverter/Chargers

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Xantrex Freedom XC PRO Pure Sine Inverter/Chargers

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These inverters provide continuous utility grade, sine wave power from a battery bank. When AC power is available, they operate as a 12 Volt battery charger, with user-selectable DC charging Outputs up to 150 A depending on the model.
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Xantrex Freedom XC PRO Pure Sine Inverter/Chargers

The Freedom XC PRO Inverter/Charger provides up to 2,000 watts (Freedom XC PRO 2000) or 3,000 watts (Freedom XC PRO 3000) of continuous utility grade, sine wave power derived from a battery bank.

They are each designed to handle loads such as microwave ovens, TVs, DVD/Blu-ray players, and power tools.

In addition, the Freedom XC PRO's extended 5-second high-surge capability lets you handle many hard-to-start loads, including full-size residential refrigerators.

Both the XC PRO 2000 and XC PRO 3000 offer premium performance in a lightweight compact package.

When AC power is available, the Freedom XC PRO's can operate as a 12 Volt battery charger.

Different battery types and chemistries require different charging voltage levels, and not charging batteries at the required levels can shorten battery life or damage the batteries.

Freedom XC PRO's are configured at the factory with optimized algorithms for Flooded, Gel, AGM, and Lithium Iron Phosphate [LFP (or LiFePO4)] batteries.

If the default settings do not work for your specific installation, you can adjust the charge stage settings through the Inverter/Charger's custom battery settings menu.

The built-in transfer switch automatically transfers between inverter power and shore power from recreational facilities such as boat docks or campsites to ensure power is always available.

If incoming shore power is interrupted by external events like brownouts, the Freedom XC PRO automatically becomes an independent power source that supplies utility-grade AC power to your loads.

The Freedom XC PRO offers comprehensive built-in protection features to safeguard your batteries from unnecessary drain while protecting your equipment.

Features include selectable low battery shutdown voltage, low voltage shutdown delay timer, power save mode, low battery voltage alarm and shutdown.

The Freedom XC 2000 PRO also features configurable AC transfer speed, output frequency, and voltage, making it the most versatile and flexible AC power solution in the market today.

The Freedom XC PRO Inverter/Charger is designed with integrated inverting functions and power management features suitable for marine, recreational, and commercial/fleet vehicle installations.

Dimensions: 15.4" (390 mm) × 10.8" (275 mm) × 4.8" (124 mm)

NOTE: The wattage rating applies to resistive loads such as incandescent lights.
Surge Power: XC PRO 2000: 4,000 W (≤ 5 sec), XC PRO 3000: 6,000 W (≤ 5 sec)

  Xantrex Freedom XC PRO Owner's Guide (975-0799-01-01_Rev-B)_ENG

  Xantrex Freedom XC PRO Specification Sheet
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 2000 Watt 
2000 WattBinnacle.com #: 10770 
2000 Watt Inverter / 5 to 100 Amp User Selectable DC Output Charging Current
MFG Part#: #: 818-2010
Our Price:CAD$1,479.95 
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 3000 Watt 
3000 WattBinnacle.com #: 10773 
3000 Watt Inverter / 5 to 150 Amp User Selectable DC Output Charging Current
MFG Part#: #: 818-3010
Our Price:CAD$1,899.95 
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