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SeaStar Xtreme NFB Single-Cable Steering Kits SSX176x

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SeaStar Solutions top of the line Xtreme NFB mechanical steering system offering the smoothest and lowest effort single cable mechanical helm in the marine industry. 14, 15 and 16 foot steering cable lengths available.
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SeaStar SSX176xx Xtreme NFB Single-Cable Steering Kits

Xtreme Mechanical Steering, SeaStar's highest degree of mechanical steering.
This is the non-tilt version of SeaStar Solutions "top-of-the-line" Xtreme series of rotary cable steering systems. Xtreme NFB (No FeedBack) Mechanical Steering systems offer the smoothest and lowest effort single cable mechanical helm in the marine industry...yet, they are still easy to install.

These single rotary cable steering systems are suitable for most single steering station boats with a single outboard, or a single sterndrive without power-assisted steering. These are situations where feedback reduction is a real benefit. A typical engine size limit is up to a V-6.

The SeaStar Xtreme NFB Steering system features newly designed components:

  • The new helm has a completely new gear train designed to provide smooth feel, minimal backlash, and low effort at the wheel. It also offers smoother NFB clutch release*, and has a smaller footprint than SeaStar's 4.2 turn NFB rotary helm units (better for smaller/crowded dashboards). All castings are designed to reduce weight while offering superior strength.
  • New bezel design.
  • A brand new SSCX Xtreme steering cable was designed specifically for this system. Xtreme cables offer unprecedented smooth action and low effort with minimal "slop". This is because, compared to other cables, the splined liner and powder-coated core make for reduced surface contact and less friction between the sliding components.
  • Furthermore, the internal tolerances around the cable are tighter - resulting in less backlash (lost motion) inside the casing.

All this means that when you turn the wheel, the engine responds instantly, without any wheel looseness or play. The new Xtreme cable construction is also stronger, allowing the cable to withstand higher loads when circumstances require.

Note that due to their unique end fittings, SSCX Xtreme series steering cables can only be used with Xtreme series helm units and, conversely, if you have an Xtreme series helm you must use an Xtreme cable with it.

SeaStar Solutions Xtreme Series NFB Steering Kit features:

  • Lowest steering effort mechanical helm on the market
  • Improved NFB clutch function for smoother release 
  • 5 Wheel turns lock-to-lock for low effort, precise steering
  • Reduced cable slop - for less wheel play and reduced engine flutter
  • Helm is constructed of a reliable Zamac casting and zinc-plated steel 
  • Quick connect mechanism on both cable ends and spent travel tube sides for easier installation - no tools required 
  • Installs in same mounting bolt pattern and bracket location as current SeaStar steering systems
  • Smallest footprint possible fits all existing installations and accommodates small or tight dashboard helm stations
  • No electrical wiring; no bleeding of hydraulics
  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA
In the Box:
  • SHX7606 Xtreme NFB Helm
  • Bezel
  • Mounting hardware kit
  • SSCX64xx Xtreme Quick Connect steering cable and connecting hardware ("xx" in part number is the length of the cable in feet)
What is NFB?
NFB stands for "No FeedBack", and is an exclusive feature built into SeaStar Solutions helms to fight propeller torque feedback.

In standard mechanical steering systems, the turning of the propeller creates a torque force which can be felt in the steering wheel as a tendency for the boat to constantly want to turn in one direction. To keep the boat going straight, this veering must be constantly "fought" by the person steering the boat.

A corollary effect is that the boat can be turned in one direction with just one finger, but requires two hands to turn in the other direction. This is especially apparent with larger engines (over 40 - 50 horsepower), as well as at higher speeds.

SeaStar Solutions NFB helms incorporate an internal clutch mechanism that grips the steering shaft whenever you are not actively steering. This significantly decreases the tiresome effect of prop torque - without having to spend money for a hydraulic system to completely eliminate the feedback.

When you take your hands off the wheel with a standard mechanical steering system the boat will quickly start to turn of its own accord. With an NFB system, that turning tendency will be much slower to start and can be controlled with less effort.

A hydraulic system, on the other hand, will completely eliminate propeller torque feedback, so you can take your hands off the wheel, and the boat will continue to track straight (all other things being equal). Hydraulic steering is a real advantage for boats with larger engines or which travel at high speeds, and is highly recommended for those applications.

In case you were wondering, boats with inboard engines do not experience prop torque since you steer them with a rudder, not by having to turn the entire drive unit and propeller - as with an outboard or I/O.

Note: NFB steering helms should never be used with autopilots, power-assisted steering systems, or second helm stations. No Feedback Helm Systems have an internal clutch mechanism, mentioned above, which grips the steering wheel shaft and locks it in place whenever you are not actually turning the steering wheel. Therefore, the steering cables are also locked in place.

Any external mechanism - such as a second helm unit, autopilot, or power-assist - that attempts to adjust the position of the outboard or I/O drive unit (or the attached steering cables) will meet with substantial resistance from the NFB helm clutches, possibly damaging the autopilot or power-assist unit.

  SeaStar xtreme Mechanical Steering Brochure

  SeaStar XTREME NFB Helm SHX7606 Instruction Sheet

  Seastar Steering Cable Measurement

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 13 Ft. 
13 #: 32459 
13' Xtreme Quick Connect Steering Cable
MFG Part#: #: SSX17613
Our Price:CAD$389.95 
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 14 Ft. 
14 #: 32301 
14' Xtreme Quick Connect Steering Cable
MFG Part#: #: SSX17614
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 15 Ft. 
15 #: 32303 
15' Xtreme Quick Connect Steering Cable
MFG Part#: #: SSX17615
Our Price:CAD$389.95 
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 16 ft. 
16 #: 32326 
16' Xtreme Quick Connect Steering Cable
MFG Part#: #: SSX17616
Our Price:CAD$389.95 
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