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Simrad Broadband 4G Radar 000-10421-001

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Low power consumption, zero radiation hazard, quick installation with ethernet connectivity. Designed for optimal target separation, Broadband 4G Radar is the world’s first dome radar to use Beam Sharpening, which significantly improves azimuth resolution - it's the equivalent to a 3.5‐foot, open‐array radar.
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MFG Part#:   000-10421-001
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Simrad Broadband 4G Radar 000-10421-001

This FMCW radar has all of the benefits of Simrad's revolutionary Broadband 3G™ Radar but with more advanced features, including beam sharpening for target separation control, Dual Range radar (with Simrad NSE & NSO MFD System) and increased target detection capabilities. 
Simrad 4G Broadband Radar includes Scanner, 20 m (66' ft) Scanner Cable, RI10 Interface Box and 1.8 m (6 ft) Ethernet cable.

Simrad 4G™ Radar Specifications:

  • Range: 32nm 50% more than BR24
  • Closest target to Radar: 2 Meters
  • Safe Distance from Dome: -0- Meters (OK to Touch)
  • Warm up Time: -0- Seconds
  • Operating / Standby Power: 18/2W
  • Scanner rotation speed: 24 / 36 RPM
  • Interface - radar data: Ethernet/ RS-422/485
  • Advanced Use modes: Offshore / Harbor

Unique 4G™ Features:

  • Designed for optimal target separation, Broadband 4G Radar is the world’s first dome radar to use Beam Sharpening, which significantly improves azimuth resolution — the effective horizontal beam width of the radar signal. The result is a resolution that is equivalent to a 3.5‐foot, open‐array radar
  • Range: Up to 50% more range and target detection ability than 3G; 2X more than BR24
  • Same proven short range performance as 3G and BR24
  • Azimuth Resolution: Up to 2X better than 3G / BR24 using Target Separation Mode control – same as 3.5’ Open array
  • Dual Range: Provides totally independent radar display ranges and controls - including dual MARPA with (10) Targets on each side (20 total)
    • Note: MFD model dependent High Speed Up to 48 RPM (Note: mode and MFD model dependent)
  • Directional Sidelobe Reduction: Advanced signal processing allows you to see small targets better next to large targets such as ships and bridges
  • InstantOn™: About 6 seconds max from cold boot start (faster than display boot time), instantaneous from standby.
    • Faster than 3G/BR24
    • Safety feature: switch the unit on and use it
    • No need to wait for 2-3 minutes or more for conventional pulse radar to warm up
    • 2 minutes is a long time if you are concerned about potential collision
  • Low power draw: 21 Watts operating (dual range)/2.9 watts in standby, vs. 25/30w operating and ~10/15w in standby for 2/4kW pulse radars
    • Conserves power for smaller vessels and sailboats.
    • Beneficial for complex installs on mid-size center consoles
    • 20-40% Savings in operating mode vs. 2/4 kW pulse radars.
  • Low electromagnetic emissions 0.165 watts (at antenna port) vs. 1 watt for a cell phone
    • Easier to install and safer to use
    • Flexible mounting options with Safe operation on smaller boats
    • Can run in anchorages and marinas
  • Connectivity: Connects to range of Navico multi-function displays via Ethernet
    • Same as 3G/BR24
    • Easier to install with small diameter connectors and thinner/lighter cabling

General Specifications:

  • Input Power (At end of Radar Cable):
    • 9-31.2 Volts DC (12 /24 Volt Systems)
    • Reverse Polarity Protections
    • Minimum Start-up Voltage 10.8 Volts
  • Power Consumption: (with 10 meter cable)
    • 20 watts @ 13.8 Volts DC (21 watts in Dual Range Mode)
    • Standby Mode: 2.9 Watts @ 13.8 Volts Dc
  • Outside Dimensions: 11.02" High x 19.28" Diameter

Package Includes:


  • 000-10417-001 Simrad 4G Radar Dome
  • AA010212 Radar Cable 20m (66 ft)
  • AA010189 RI10 Interface Box
  • 000-0127-51 Ethernet Cable 1.82 m (6ft)
  • 988-10113-002 Installation Manual
  • 988-10122-001 Mounting Template
  • Hardware Mounting Kit 4 x M8 Bolts, washers, spring washers

  Simrad 4G Brochure - Americas

  Simrad Radar 3G & 4G Installation Guide

  Simrad Radar 4G Addendum

Broadband 4GTM Radar 000-10421-001

Compliance CE, FCC (ID: RAY3G4G), IC: 4697A-3G4G
Environmental IEC60945:2002

Operating Temperature: -25° to +55°C (-13° to +130°F) Relative humidity: +35° C (95° F), 95% RH Waterproof: IPX6

Relative wind velocity 51 m/sec (Max:100 Knots)
Power consumption (with 10m cable) Operating: 20W (Typ.) @ 13.8Vdc (21W in dual range mode) Standby: 2.9W (Typ.) @ 13.8Vdc ~ 170mA DC input (at end of radar cable) 9V to 31.2Vdc (12/24 Volt systems). Reverse polarity protection

Minimum startup voltage: 10.75Vdc

Transmitter source (pre-heating time ) No magnetron - Instant OnTM
Outside dimensions Height 280 mm x Diameter 489 mm (Height 11" x Diameter 19.3" )
Scanner weight (no cable) 7.4 kg (16.31 lbs)

Radar and Antenna Parameters:

Radar ranges 50 m (200 ft) to 66 km (36 nm) with 18 range settings (nm/sm/km)
Rotation (mode dependent) 24/36/48 rpm +/-10% (mode and MFD dependant)
Transmitter frequency X-band - 9.3 to 9.4 Ghz
Transmitter source (warm-up time) No Magnetron - all solid state. Instant OnTM
Plane of polarization Horizontal Polarization
Transmitter peak power output 165 mW (nominal - at antenna port)
Main bang dead zone & tuning None - not a pulse radar
Sea and rain clutter 3-5 x less than a pulse radar
Sweep repetition frequency 200 - 540 Hz (mode dependant)
Sweep time 1.3 ms+/- 10%
Sweep bandwidth 75 MHz max
Horizontal beam width (Tx and Rx antenna) 5.2°+/-10% (-3 dB width)
Target Seperation Control OFF: 5.2°+/-10% (-3 dB width)
LOW: ~4.4°+/-10% (-3 dB width) MED: ~3.2°+/-10% (-3 dB width) HIGH: ~2.6°+/-10% (-3 dB width)

Vertical beam width (Tx and Rx antenna) 25°+/-20% (-3 dB width)
Side lobe level (Tx and Rx antenna) Below -18 dB (within ±10°);Below -24 dB (outside ±10°)
Noise figure Less than 6 dB


Com protocol High Speed Ethernet
Heading NMEA2000 / SimNet with RI10 interface box
Inter connecting cable length Simrad 20m (65.6 ft)
Maximum inter connecting cable length 30 m (98.5 ft) - available as option
Bolts (4) M8x30 - 304 stainless steel
Footprint W233 mm (9.17") (port / starboard) x L141.5 mm (5.55")

(Matches Garmin GMR18HD & Raymarine RD218 footprints)

Compatible Displays Simrad: NSOevo2, NSSevo2 NSSevo3

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