Ocean Signal rescue-ME MOB1 Man Overboard Personal AIS Locator Beacon

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Ocean Signal rescue-ME MOB1 Man Overboard Personal AIS Locator Beacon

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Ocean Signal’s rescueME MOB1 AIS is the world’s smallest personal locating AIS Man OverBoard device.
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Brand:  Ocean Signal
MFG Part#:   MOB1
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Ocean Signal rescueME MOB1 AIS Man Overboard Device

In a man overboard situation, the quickest means of rescue comes from your own vessel. 
It’s shocking how fast a visual sighting of a man overboard can be lost, even in moderate seas. Your crew needs to be instantly aware of the situation and keep track of your position while the recovery is performed.
Ocean Signal’s rescueME MOB1 provides an AIS transmission to rapidly communicate your position, accurate to a few meters to all AIS receivers, and AIS enabled chart plotters in the vicinity. 
It can also communicate with any other AIS equipped vessels within a 5 miles radius, depending on conditions. 
It’s compatible with most inflatable life-jackets, and when installed the MOB1 will activate automatically upon inflation, sending the first alert within 15 seconds.
The built-in GPS ensures your exact location is sent to your vessel and any others that may be assisting. The integrated strobe light provides maximum visibility in low light conditions. 
* The MOB1 is approved in Canada for AIS only under Industry Canada RSS287. Other counties allow the included DSC function to be utilized. Compatibility: Most modern AIS receivers comply with the standards required to receive MOB transmissions. If using older equipment, it is recommended that you check compatibility with the equipment manufacturer.

  Ocean Signal MOB1 User Manual

  MOB1 PFD Installation Instructions

  Ocean Signal MOB1 Safety Data Sheet


AIS transmission Transmit Power: 1Watt
Frequency: 161.975/162.025MHz

DSC Transmission Transmit Power: 0.5Watt (* DSC Function not available in Canada)
Frequency: 156.525MHz

Messages: Individual Distress Relay Distress Alert (by single call made on press of the activation button)
Temperature range (operational): -20°C - +55°C
Temperature range (storage): -30°C - +70°C
Waterproof: 10m depth
Weight: 92 grams
Standards: RTCM SC11901, EN303 098-1
What Test Modes does the MOB1 have?

There are three test modes on the MOB1; Functional, DSC and AIS/GPS.
The Functional test should be carried out once a month and will display the length of time the battery has been used for.  It will also apply a load to the battery to test that the battery is not faulty or has been discharged.  It carries out other functional tests on the electronic circuitry.  It does not test the GPS or make test transmissions.
The DSC test should be carried out no more than two times a year.  This test sends a single DSC transmission to the MMSI programmed into the MOB1, which will be displayed on the vessels DSC radio.  It does not send a Distress or Distres Relay call and the call does not contain the position.
The AIS test should be carried out no more than three times a year.  This test activates the GPS receiver and after the position is determined it makes an AIS transmission, which will display on a suitable AIS receiver or chartplotter.  The received AIS message will show the position determined by the MOB1 GPS receiver.  There is also a transmission of the AIS text message containing the words "MOB TEST".  Note that this test must be done with the MOB1 in full view of the sky.  Without a valid position, the MOB1 will not transmit any AIS messages.
*The limitation on the number of tests a year is to ensure that the battery will still have its full operational life at the expiry date of the battery.

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