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Magicezy Hairline Fix Tube- Assorted Colors 12.9 mlOn Sale #:  40041
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Magicezy Hairline Fix Tube- Assorted Colors 12.9 ml

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Seal and color fine cracks and scratches FAST.
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Brand:  MagicEzy
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From Australia, MagicEzy Hairline Fix 12.9 ml is a high gloss, one-part nano sealant with in-built colorant that penetrates deeply into the finest of damage and delivers structural grade adhesion. Great for hairline cracks, stress cracks and gelcoat crazing. Use it on boats, tiles, stone benchtops, jet skis, fiberglass showers and more.

Repairing gelcoat crazing and hairline cracks is normally a major hassle. A ton of prepwork. Sanding. Grinding out the damage. And that's even before you begin the repair. With MagicEzy Hairline Fix there's no need to go through all that prepwork heartache - all you need to do is to clean the surface then apply the sealant. Better still, there's no messy mixing and no catalyst is needed.

With eleven of the most popular boat colors already pre-colored, MagicEzy Hairline Fix gives you the ability to produce a virtually invisible, professional repair. MagicEzy Hairline Fix has ultra strong adhesion properties which means it fuses both sides of the crack together so strongly, it's like the surfaces have been welded together.

The strong adhesion of MagicEzy Hairline Fix combined with the low viscosity solution enables it to penetrate deeply throughout the entire hairline crack and not only seal it, but also strongly bond the surfaces together. It then cures with a strong, hard finish yet at the same time, it can be sanded, drilled, and tapped if required. 

Most epoxies are rigid which means they won't flex when your boat flexes in the water, and that's why so many repairs fall out and cracks continue to grow. But MagicEzy Hairline Fix is different, it's highly flexible which means it absorbs movement and therefore helps ensure repairs stay intact.


  • Fixes and colors in one application
  • Penetrates deeply into very fine cracks
  • Helps prevent cracks from spreading
  • Rubber-like flexibility for long-lasting repairs
  • Perfect for gelcoat crazing, hairline cracks, non-skid deck areas, and fine scratches
  • Gloss finish
  • Can be drilled and sanded
Where can it be used?
  • Fiberglass surfaces including boats, surfboards and jetskis
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic*
  • Aluminum*
  • Wood
*For plastic or aluminimum surfaces, prepare the surface using MagicEzy Mega Fusion first.


  Hairline FIX

Sure, you need to use a little care to achieve great results. Just follow these steps and repair secrets below and you'll achieve a great durable repair. How to Apply magicezy-repair-steps

1. Prepare

  • Not recommended for areas continually submerged in water.
  • Scrape a pin point along crack to remove grime and dirt.
  • Wash/scrub soapy water into damage, then rinse with clean water. Allow to fully dry in sun or accelerate dry with a hairdryer.
  • Rotate/shake the tube for 30 seconds for even consistency.


Mix two or more colors on a clear plastic wrap. View new color when placed over the surface.

2. Apply

  • For plastic or aluminum surfaces, apply a thin coat of MagicEzy MegaFusion Primer / Sealant and allow 2 hours to cure (at 70ºF/20º C).
  • Have a tissue ready in your spare hand and APPLY 2 drops into the crack.


To prevent slumping or for a fast dry use a hairdryer for 3 minutes to form a skin.

3. Level

  • Rapidly wipe the 'LEVEL' across the repair 5 times. FAST wipes help Hairline Fix penetrate deeply inside the damage.
  • Clean the 'LEVEL' with the tissue and TRIM off surface smears.
  • Some deep cracks may require several coats to fill completely. Allow at least 2 hours in between coats before re-applying (overnight is best).


In temperatures above 90ºF (30ºC) lay a damp towel over the area until hand temperature is reached. Below 55ºF/15ºC, set with hairdryer for 3 minutes.

4. Trim

  • TRIM to remove smears off the repair edge (but not the repair itself). Dampen or use a tissue to help clean-up if necessary.
DRYING time varies depending on temperature. FAST DRY using a hot hair dryer for 3 minutes + 30minutes cool down. NORMAL DRY: 2 hours (at 70ºF/20º C). It will harden overnight and achieve maximum strength and adhesion after 14 days.

Product Suitability: 

Volume: .45 fl oz/ 13ml tube. 
Water resistant: For "above the waterline" use. 
Water soluble 
Do not use below 10 degrees C / 50 degrees F 
Suited for interior / exterior use
Available in multiple colors (colors can be mixed to produce 100’s more) 
Can be used as a glassy, gloss top coat on MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix repairs

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