Wichard, the French marine hardware manufacturing specialist for over 30 years. Whatever your sailing program, the right Wichard rigging accessory, safety product or forged stainless steel fitting has been designed and engineered, to match your expectations. Whenever life or a high-value asset is potentially at risk, you'll find a Wichard component at its heart. Wichard through the hot-forging process produces high-quality, critical components for applications when the failure of that component is not an option.
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Wichard Tether Single Elastic Carbine Hooks
Binnacle.com #: 16037 

Our Price: $169.95 

Wichard Tether Single Elastic Double Action Hooks
Binnacle.com #: 23450 

Our Price: $229.95 

Wichard 7006 Double Elastic Tether with Double Action Snap Hooks
Binnacle.com #: 32456 

Our Price: $329.95 

Wichard Tether Single Elastic OSR Approved
Binnacle.com #: 32095 

Our Price: $229.95 

Wichard Tether Double ISAF OSR Approved
Binnacle.com #: 32101 

Our Price: $339.95 

Wichard 7051 Lyfsafe Jackline Kit - Boats Less Than 30 Feet
Binnacle.com #: 16098 

Our Price: $229.95 

Wichard 7052 Lyfsafe Jackline Kit - Boats Less Than 40 Feet
Binnacle.com #: 16109 

Our Price: $259.95 

Wichard 7053 Lyfsafe Jackline Kit - Boats Less Than 50 Feet
Binnacle.com #: 16153 

Our Price: $289.95 
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