Raymarine Digital Radar Extension Cable 10 m A55081D

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Raymarine Digital Radar Extension Cable 10 m A55081D

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Inserts between the Dome and the Plug on the end of the cable leading back to Seatalk High-Speed Crossover Coupler or HS Network Switch
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Binnacle.com:   #45247
Brand:  Raymarine
MFG Part#:   A55081D
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Raymarine Digital Radar Extension Cable 10 m A55081D

The A55081D is a 10 meter Digital radar extension cable for digital radomes and HD/SHD digital open arrays. See the Requirements Tab for related digital Radar Domes and Array's.

It connects between the Dome and the black plug on the end of the cable leading back to the Seatalk High Speed Crossover Coupler or HS Network Switch and power supply at the other end. 

The A55081D Cable is for extending the length of the "White" cable generally found on the exterior of the boat, or in a mast. The cable supplies power and data and has black connectors on each end. 

A Raymarine SeaTalk HS Network Cable 5 M E55050 (Binnacle #36386) is used to lengthen the digital radar cable between a Seatalk High Speed Crossover Coupler or HS Network Switch, which is usually protected inside the boat, and the Raymarine C-Series Widescreen, E-Series Widescreen or E-Series Classic Display. 

The cable runs between the Coupler or Switch and the Display and has the waterproof network jack for connecting to Display.

Digital Radome Antennas

RD418D 4KW Digital Radome E92130
RD424D 4KW Digital Radome E92132

HD & SHD Digital Open Array Radar Antennas

RA1048HD 4kW 48" HD Digital Open Array T52071
RA1072HD 4kW 72" HD Digital Open Array T52074
RA1048SHD 4kW 48" Super HD Digital Open Array T52085
RA1072SHD 4kW 72" Super HD Digital Open Array T52087
RA3048SHD 12kW, 48" Super HD Digital Open Array T52086
RA3072SHD 12kW, 72" Super HD Digital Open Array T52088

HD Digital Radomes

RD418HD HD Digital Radome Scanner E92142
RD424HD HD Digital Radome Scanner E92143

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