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Forespar Sta-Plug Soft Emergency Plug

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This is the adaptable alternative to the hard wooden bung plug. Sta-Plug is the modern solution for emergency leaks on any boat.
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Brand:  Forespar
MFG Part#:   150110
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Forespar Sta-Plug Soft Emergency Plug 150110

Sta-Plug® instantly controls incoming water by automatically conforming to fill the shape of a hole. 

Whether it’s from hull damage, hose failure, corroded thru-hulls or any other source, Sta-Plug’s® soft cone-shape fills the gap. 

Its unique edge gripping riblets also help hold it in place, giving you precious time in an emergency.
  • This is the adaptable alternative to the hard wooden bung plug
  • StaPlug is the modern solution for emergency leaks on any boat
  • Developed by Artelier Studio LLC and distributed by Forespar, the StaPlug is a soft, cone shaped plug designed to conform to the unpredictable shapes of most hull breaches
  • Whether it's a round hole caused by mechanical failure or an elongated tear due to impact, StaPlug's shape adapts to the leak
  • Tapered circular cone shaped plug made of a proprietary foam formulation
  • Solid, spongy and coated with a flexible sealer


  • Dimensions: 9" (23 cm) High x 5" (12 cm) Diameter
  • Weight: 3.9 oz (110g)

Using the StaPlug:

  • StaPlug is compressed by hand and inserted into the hole, stopping or reducing the inward flow of water as the foam returns to its original shape
  • Can be cut with a razor knife and forced into elongated openings using a putty knife or similar tool
  • Can be inserted into the ends of broken pipes by twist compressing before inserting and held in place
  • Include it with your damage control kit for emergencies
  • Not guaranteed to stop all water leaks - designed to be used alone or in conjunction with other emergency equipment including bilge pumps
  • Suitable for holes up to four inches in diameter
  • For boats under 30' we recommend two StaPlugs and a minimum of three for any boat in excess of 30'
    • This allows one Plug for a thru-hull/hose failure and provides spares for other holes or to cut in the event of a hull impact breach
  • Unlike old fashioned wooden plugs, StaPlug's soft cone shape form allows it to be compressed by hand or cut to fit
  • Specifically designed to fill irregular shapes, effectively reducing or eliminating most incoming water flows
  • Can also be forced into hard-to-reach locations yet still works to seal most seacocks, valves, thru hull fittings and hoses

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