Icom Inc. is headquartered in Osaka, Japan and is a leading manufacturer of wireless communication products. Since Icom's establishment in 1954, they have a long history as a trusted manufacturer of marine radio and navigation products.

Over 60 years of engineering and production excellence is a part of every Icom product. Using the latest equipment, Icom radios are tested to pass rigorous in-house tests as well as environmental tests which meet US Military Standard 810 specifications.

Icom is a rare example of an electronics manufacturer that has not shifted production to lower cost countries, keeping its production base 100% in Wakayama Japan.
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Icom BC-123SA AC Adapter USA Plug
Binnacle.com #: 37494 

Our Price: $23.95 

Icom BP-227 Battery for M88
Binnacle.com #: 13851 

Our Price: $133.95 

Icom BP-285 Battery for M93D Handheld VHF 7.2V Li-Ion
Binnacle.com #: 36577 

Our Price: $119.95 

Icom BP-290 Battery Li-Ion for M85
Binnacle.com #: 36549 

Our Price: $159.95 

Icom BP-296 Battery Pack for M37
Binnacle.com #: 45139 

Our Price: $69.95 

Icom BP-297 Alkaline Battery Tray for M37
Binnacle.com #: 12414 

Our Price: $49.95 

Icom BP-306 Battery for M94D Handheld VHF 7.2V Li-Ion
Binnacle.com #: 11932 

Our Price: $124.95 

Icom CP-25H Cigarette Lighter Cable for M93D and M73 Buckets
Binnacle.com #: 37495 

Our Price: $32.95 

Icom FA-S64V Flexible Antenna for M72 and M73
Binnacle.com #: 45109 

Our Price: $16.95 

Icom FA-SC58V Flexible Antenna for M85 M24 M34 and M36
Binnacle.com #: 45169 

Our Price: $16.95 

Icom HM-213 Waterproof Speaker Mic
Binnacle.com #: 45046 

Our Price: $119.95 

Icom HM-222 Speaker Mic for M85
Binnacle.com #: 37744 

Our Price: $169.95 

Icom M410BB Black Box VHF with GPS
Binnacle.com #: 12858 

MAP Price: $849.99   Add item to your shopping cart to see the price you will pay.

Icom M510-21 Fixed Mount VHF with AIS Receive and Wireless Smart Device Operation
Binnacle.com #: 12727 

MAP Price: $999.99   Add item to your shopping cart to see the price you will pay.

Icom M510BB Black Box VHF with GPS and AIS Rx
Binnacle.com #: 12867 

MAP Price: $1,049.99   Add item to your shopping cart to see the price you will pay.

Icom MB-132 Flush Mount Kit For M324 M424 & M506 Models
Binnacle.com #: 14341 

Our Price: $39.95 

Icom MBF-5 Flush Mounting Bracket for M330 Fixed Mount VHF
Binnacle.com #: 14340 

Our Price: $52.95 

Icom MBF-7 Flush Mount Kit for M510
Binnacle.com #: 13912 

Our Price: $69.95 

Icom MBZ-1 Dust Cover for Front Panel on M510
Binnacle.com #: 13913 

Our Price: $35.95 

Icom OPC-1465 Shielded Control Cable for AT140 to M803
Binnacle.com #: 11346 

Our Price: $84.95 

Icom OPC-1541 Command IV 20ft Extension Cable
Binnacle.com #: 14343 

Our Price: $79.95 

Icom OPC-2384 Conversion Cable 12 Pin to 8 Pin
Binnacle.com #: 45177 

Our Price: $69.95 

Icom OPC-999 Extension Cable 20 Ft. for HM-157 CommandMic II
Binnacle.com #: 45339 

Our Price: $79.95 

Icom SP-30 External Speaker
Binnacle.com #: 13914 

Our Price: $159.95 

Icom AT-140 Antenna Tuner
Binnacle.com #: 45117 

Our Price: $589.95 

Icom HM-138 Waterproof Speaker Microphone
Binnacle.com #: 45011 

Our Price: $149.95 

Icom HM-165 Waterproof Speaker Mic
Binnacle.com #: 45016 

Our Price: $114.95 

Icom HM-195G CommandMic Remote Control Microphone
Binnacle.com #: 31708 
Our Price: $264.95 

Icom HM-167 Waterproof Speaker Microphone
Binnacle.com #: 11402 

Our Price: $119.95 

Icom IC-M700PRO-61 SSB Marine Radio Telephone
Binnacle.com #: 45121 

Our Price: $1,769.95 

Icom IC-M803 Class E DSC MF/HF SSB Radio with Colour TFT Display
Binnacle.com #: 12725 

MAP Price: $2,999.99   Add item to your shopping cart to see the price you will pay.

Icom M330 VHF Marine Radio
Binnacle.com #: 45669 
Our Price: $229.95 

Icom BP-274 Li-Ion Battery Pack for M88
Binnacle.com #: 45123 

Our Price: $114.95 

Icom M330G VHF Marine Radio with Built-In GPS
Binnacle.com #: 45671 
Our Price: $299.95 

Icom BP-245H Battery Pack for M73 & M72
Binnacle.com #: 45140 

Our Price: $139.95 

Icom BP-252 Battery Pack for M34 & M36 VHF
Binnacle.com #: 45330 

Our Price: $74.95 
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