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A wide stock of marine Grills and BBQs from the top brands, Magma, Dickinson and Kuuma. Mounts, Covers and accessories also in stock.
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Magma TrailMate Gas Grill A10-801-CSA #: 33326 

Our Price: $339.95 
Magma Cabo Gas Grill A10-703-CSA #: 10247 

Our Price: $339.95 
Magma Original Size Marine Kettle 3 Combination Stove & Gas Grill A10-207-3-CSA #: 33318 

Our Price: $369.95 
Magma ChefsMate Connoisseur Series Gas Grill A10-803 #: 33327 

Our Price: $399.95 
Magma Party Size Marine Kettle 3 Combination Stove & Gas Grill A10-217-3-CSA #: 33319 

Our Price: $439.95 
Magma Newport II Classic Gourmet Series Gas Grill A10-918-2 #: 33330 

Our Price: $529.95 
Magma Newport II Infrared Gas Grill A10-918-2GS-CSA #: 33390 

Our Price: $599.95 
Magma Catalina II Gas BBQ Grill A10-1218-2GS-CSA #: 33311 

Our Price: $629.95 
Magma Catalina II BBQ with Infrared A10-1218-2GS-CSA #: 33391 

Our Price: $699.95 
Dickinson Sea-B-Que Small BBQ Grill #: 24683 

Our Price: $399.95
Sale: $349.95
You Save: $50.00!
Dickinson Sea-B-Que Large BBQ 00-SBQ-L #: 24682 

Our Price: $469.95 
Dickinson BBQ Spitfire 180 #: 24945 

Our Price: $489.95 
Kuuma Stow N' Go 125 Compact Gas Grill 58146 #: 33178 

Our Price: $299.95 
Kuuma Stow N Go 160 Propane BBQ Grill 58134 #: 33016 

Our Price: $329.95 
Kuuma Stow N' Go Elite 216 Grill 58154 #: 24095 

Our Price: $469.95 
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Some considerations when choosing a BBQ for your boat is size (how many people will you be grilling for), accessories, mounts and quality. The Magma brand of BBQ has log been considered the premier BBQ line for boating. They are high quality stainless steel barbeques with the largest selection of mounts and accessories such as covers, tote bags and griddles. The Dickinson brand of BBQ has been made in Canada for decades and are reliable for their performance and durability. Kuuma is an economy brand of BBQ for the occasional boater who may choose to use the grill a few times per summer