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Harken 75 mm Carbo AirBlocks®

The 75 mm Carbo AirBlocks® are a 2-15/16" diameter low-friction, lightweight, strong, reliable and affordable block. Working loads range from 408 Kg for the Harken 2696 Fiddle Ratchet, up to 1,650 Kg for a Harken 2664 Triple.
Companions to the popular Harken Big Boat blocks, these compact blocks have very high working loads for safe, easy trimming.

Lightweight, strong and reliable fiber-reinforced composite construction sideplates replace stainless steel straps. These densely packed glass fibers reinforce the resin for strength.
These smooth-running powerful performers make trimming easy, no matter how hard the wind blows.
75mm Carbo AirBlocks® are of a size and style that will fit any system: Singles, Doubles, Triples, Ratchets and Fiddles. 
Perfect for main, jib and spinnaker sheets on dinghies, sportboats and small keelboats; and control lines on boats of every size.
Ball bearings, sheave, and sideplates are UV-stabilized.
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Harken 2660 75mm Single Block #: H2660 

Our Price: $119.95 
Harken 2661 75mm Single Block with Swivel & Becket #: H2661 

Our Price: $139.95 
Harken 2662 75mm Double Swivel Block #: H2662 

Our Price: $229.95 
Harken 2663 75mm Carbo Double Block with Becket #: H2663 

Our Price: $229.95 
Harken 2664 75mm Triple Block with Swivel #: H2664 

Our Price: $324.95 
Harken 2690 75mm Fiddle Block Swivel #: H2690 

Our Price: $149.95 
Harken 2665 75mm Carbo Triple Block with Swivel & Becket #: H2665 

Our Price: $344.95 
Harken 75mm Fiddle Block with Becket #: H2691 

Our Price: $159.95 
Harken 2672 75mm Carbo Ratchet Cheek Block #: H2672 

Our Price: $124.95 
Harken 75mm Carbo Fiddle Becket Block with Carbo-Cam #: H2693 

Our Price: $259.95 
Harken 2670 75mm Carbo Ratchet Block with Swivel #: H2670 

Our Price: $126.95 
Harken 2695 75mm Fiddle Ratchet Block Swivel & Becket #: H2695 

Our Price: $184.95 
Harken 2680 75mm Carbo Ratchamatic Block with Swivel #: H2680 

Our Price: $179.95 
Harken 2697 75mm Fiddle Ratchet Block with Swivel Becket & Cam Cleat #: H2697 

Our Price: $329.95 
Harken 2694 75mm Fiddle Ratchet Block Swivel #: H2694 

Our Price: $179.95 
Harken 2696 75mm Carbo Fiddle Ratchet Block with Swivel & Cam Cleat #: H2696 

Our Price: $289.95 
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