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PROtect Tapes 49er Performance Kit

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Designed and optimized by the Australia's Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen; the kit contains twenty eight different pieces of friction and abrasion reducing tape already die cut. Pieces are easy to apply by removing the liner, also contains one roll of PTFE Rigging tape.
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Brand:  PROtect Tapes
MFG Part#:   PMK049
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PROtect Tapes 49er Performance Kit

This PROtect 49er Performance Kit has been developed by PROtect Tapes and optimized by Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen to reduce friction, wear and tear, and reduce possible gear failure. It contains a large selection of UHMWPE Tapes with acrylic adhesive, and skived PTFE with a high temperature silicone adhesive.

Both polymers have an extremely low coefficient of friction, and the highest resistance to abrasion. So slippery that PTFE is the only known surface to which a Gecko cannot stick. PROtect Tapes represent an efficient solution to many racing and sailing wear and tear problems.

The 49er Performance Kit contains 28 pieces of self adhesive, die cut tapes to improve boat performance, minimize equipment damage and avoid possible equipment failure. 

Designed for application to:

  • Kite Throat and Pole Launcher
  • Rudder Stock
  • Mast, Spreaders, Spreader Tips and Turnbuckles
  • Vang, Outhaul and Mainsheet Block
  • All uneven or irregular surfaces, or parts that can be wrapped

The 49er Performance Kit PMK049 contains the following items:

51 mm x 0.2m - 2 pieces
100 mm x 0.4m - 2 pieces
51 mm x 3.0m - 1 piece
25 mm x 0,05m - 2 pieces
25 mm x 0,05m - 2 pieces
25 mm x 0,05m - 2 pieces
51 mm x 1m - 2 pieces  
51 mm x 0,05m - 1 piece
51 mm x 0,05m - 1 piece
25 mm x 0,1m - 2 pieces
25 mm x 0,1m - 2 pieces
25 mm x 1m - 1 piece
25 mm x 1m - 1 piece
25 mm x 1m - 1 piece
51 mm x 0.3m - 4 pieces
51 mm x 2.0m - 1 piece
Pole Launcher
Inside kite throat
Deck for Pole
Strip in front of Foot Straps
Control Line Holes
Trapeze Shockcord Holes
Side of Mast Step for Jib Sheet
Mainsheet Ratchet Block
Boom for Out Haul
Vang Top
Vang Bottom
Rudder Stock
Rudder Stock
Rudder Stock
Jib Luff

and a roll of MASK (Millionaires) PTFE Tape with Silicon adhesive: 50 micron 19mm (3/4") wide, x 10m (32 ft) to cover Spreader Tip Bolts, Spreader Tips, T-Balls and Turnbuckles

Packaging:Clear PET clamshell

  Protect 49er Kit Application Instructions
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