Beckson Siphon-Mate Pump 109PC #:  10591
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Beckson Siphon-Mate Pump 109PC

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Patented Siphon-Mate pump is a combination displacement lift pump and siphon pump with valves, suitable for transferring fuel.
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Brand:  Beckson
MFG Part#:   109PC
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Safety experts caution against the unsafe practice of siphoning petroleum by mouth, warning specially, that it can result in loss of life. Beckson`s answer is the patented Siphon-Mate pump; a combination displacement lift pump and siphon pump with valves suitable for transferring fuel. Pump half strokes to start flow. Once flow begins, fully extending the handle will allow siphoning provided that the source is higher in elevation than the receptacle. 

Safe for use with Diesel, Oil and Water

Model: 109PC

Length: 11 1/2" (28.4 cm)

Diameter: 1 1/4" (32mm)

Lifts: 4 oz (.12 L) per Stroke

Supplied with clear tubing to allow versatile application. Cut tubing for desired length of intake and discharge hose. When finished siphoning or pumping flammable liquids, be sure to drain siphon pump of liquid before storing.

* This pump is not intended for transfer of liquid over 120°F (49`°C) nor solvents that will attack PVC.

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