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Marine Navigation Lights

Navigation lights are important for a safe and enjoyable boating experience. Whether sailing through calm waters or rough seas, or you're outfitting a sailing boat, marine vessel, or recreational boat, our extensive range of boat navigation lights ensures you're visible to other vessels and obstacles, even in low-visibility conditions.

Our Range of Navigation Lights Includes

  • LED navigation lights offer superior brightness and energy efficiency. These lights are perfect for long voyages, providing reliable performance without draining your boat's battery.
  • Stainless steel navigation lights are an excellent choice for those seeking both functionality and style. These lights are corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for harsh marine environments while adding a sleek look to your vessel.
  • Bow and Side mount navigation lights are required to indicate your vessel's front and sides, prevent collisions, and ensure compliance with maritime regulations.
  • Flush mount navigation lights for a streamlined look. These lights are installed flush with the surface of your boat, reducing snagging and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vessel.
  • Starboard navigation lights indicate the starboard side of your boat. These lights are designed to be bright and easily distinguishable, ensuring other vessels can easily identify your boat's orientation.
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AAA 106 Anchor Light 6CP 8W 12V Incandescent #: 22321 

Our Price: $19.95 
AAA 106-LD LED Anchor Light #: 12292 

Reg. Price: $24.95
Sale: $20.45

AAA Allround Fixed White Light #: 22948 

Reg. Price: $32.95
Sale: $26.70

AAA LED Red & Green Combination Bow Light #: 36634 

Reg. Price: $36.95
Sale: $29.95

AAA Masthead LED Navigation Light Series 25 Style #: 36633 

Reg. Price: $36.95
Sale: $29.95

AAA Masthead Navigation Light Series 25 Style #: 22141 

Our Price: $29.95 
AAA Navigation Lights Series 40 Style #: 22294 
From: $59.95   to  $69.95 
AAA Port LED Navigation Light Series 25 Style #: 36630 

Reg. Price: $36.95
Sale: $29.95

AAA Port Navigation Light Series 25 Style #: 22140 

Our Price: $29.95 
AAA Red & Green Combination Bow Light 5W #: 16156 

Our Price: $26.95 
AAA Red & Green Combination Bow Light Series 25 Style #: 22143 

Our Price: $29.95 
AAA Red & Green LED Combination Bow Light #: 22191 

Reg. Price: $32.95
Sale: $27.45

AAA Starboard LED Navigation Light Series 25 Style #: 36631 

Reg. Price: $36.95
Sale: $29.95

AAA Starboard Navigation Light Series 25 Style #: 22139 

Our Price: $29.95 
AAA Stern LED Navigation Light Series 25 Style #: 36632 

Reg. Price: $36.95
Sale: $29.95

AAA Stern Navigation Light Series 25 Style #: 22142 

Our Price: $29.95 
AAA Transom Waterproof Halogen Light Flush Mount #: 22359 

Our Price: $69.95 
AAA Tri-Colour Anchor Light LED Series 40 #: 10936 

Our Price: $129.95 
All Round White Anchor LED Light 2NM USCGC #: 12954 

Reg. Price: $39.95
Sale: $32.95

Aqua Signal Series 40 All Round Red #: 22264 

Our Price: $179.95 
Aqua Signal Series 40 Port Light #: 22062 

Our Price: $189.95 
Attwood Combo Bow Light #: 22180 

Reg. Price: $52.95
Sale: $43.20

Easterner LED Fixed Mount All-Round Anchor Light 4 in. #: 36628 

Reg. Price: $79.95
Sale: $65.20

Flush Mount Navigation Side Lights LED #: 22168 

Reg. Price: $79.95
Sale: $66.70

Flush Transom Light LED #: 22169 

Our Price: $23.95 
Hella NaviLED All-Round Light 2NM Black #: 99246 

Our Price: $159.95 
Hella NaviLED Port and Starboard Navigation Lights 2NM Black #: 11554 

Our Price: $299.95 
Hella NaviLED PRO Navigation Light Black Case #: 99244 
From: $224.95   to  $289.95 
Hella NaviLED TRIO Tri-Colour with Anchor Navigation Lights 2NM Black #: 99247 

Our Price: $699.95 
Hella Series 3562 Navigation Light Black Case #: 16218 
Our Price: $49.95 
Lunasea LED Ultra Light Tri-Colour Anchor & Flashing Strobe #: 41087 

Our Price: $399.95 
Nav Light - Stern or Companionway #: 16160 

Our Price: $34.95 
Nav Light LED Stainless Steel 112 deg. 1NM visibility #: 15751 
Our Price: $29.95 
Nav Light LED Stainless Steel 225 deg. 2NM visibility Bi-colour #: 15752 

Our Price: $34.95 
Nav Lights Side Mount Port & Starboard SS #: 16144 

Our Price: $54.95 
Nav Lights Stainless Steel - Port & Starboard #: 16143 

Our Price: $46.95 
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Features to Consider While Purchasing Navigation Light for Your Boat?

When selecting navigation lights for your boat, consider the following key features:
  • Durability: We only offer durable navigation lights in harsh marine environments, ensuring they remain functional and reliable in extreme weather conditions.
  • Visibility: We offer navigation lights designed to provide maximum visibility, even in low-light conditions, to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the water.
  • Compliance: We only offer navigation lights that meet US Coast Guard regulations, giving you confidence that you meet all necessary safety standards.

Why Choose Binnacle for Your Navigation Lights?

  • Quality Assurance: We source navigation lights from reputable manufacturers, including AAA Worldwide Enterprises of Taiwan, Hella Marine, Aqua Signal, and Perko Inc known for their high-quality marine navigation lights.
  • Variety: We offer a comprehensive range of navigation lights, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your vessel.
  • Hassle-Free Return Policy: You may return your purchase to us (with a return authorization number - use this form) within 30 days, and we will refund the product's purchase price. Items that are cut to order (rope, wire, etc), software, chart cards, and printed materials (paper charts, books) are not returnable.