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Harken 29 mm Small Boat Bullet Classic Blocks  

Harken 29 mm Small Boat Bullet Classic Blocks

Small Boat 29 mm Bullet Classic Blocks

Strong, dependable, and exceptionally free running, 29 mm diameter Bullet blocks are the foundation of the Harken line, with a vast library of hardware choices available to complement your boat’s style. 

They are compact and lightweight, with fast trim and release under high or low loads. A range of styles lets these blocks adapt to almost all control line applications.

Classic blocks come in dozens of configurations and are ideal for almost every trimming task.

Ball bearings, sheave, and sideplates are UV-stabilized with carbon-black for maximum protection. Stainless steel straps reinforce blocks and resist corrosion.
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Harken 075 Dinghy Double In-Line Exit Block 3/8 #: H075 

Reg. Price: $59.95
Sale: $39.95

Harken 29mm Bullet Cheek Block for Wire #: H109 

Our Price: $39.95 
Harken 29mm Wire Through-Deck Bullet Block #: H106 

Our Price: $43.95 
Harken Single Bullet Block #: H082 

Our Price: $22.95 
Harken Single Bullet Block with Becket #: H083 

Our Price: $26.95 
Harken Single Bullet Block with Swivel #: H166 

Our Price: $39.95 
Harken Bullet Block with Swivel & Becket #: H167 

Our Price: $44.95 
Harken Double Bullet Block #: H084 

Our Price: $59.95 
Harken Double Bullet Block with Becket #: H085 

Our Price: $64.95 
Harken Triple Bullet Block #: H086 

Our Price: $84.95 
Harken Triple Bullet Block with Becket #: H087 

Our Price: $89.95 
Harken Cheek Bullet Block #: H092 

Our Price: $26.95 
Harken Pivoting Cheek Bullet Block #: H113 

Our Price: $32.95 
Harken Upright Lead Bullet Block #: H096 

Our Price: $33.95 
Harken Double Upright Lead #: H220 

Our Price: $54.95 
Harken In-Line Exit Bullet Block #: H089 

Our Price: $49.95 
Harken Thru-Deck Bullet Block #: H088 

Our Price: $34.95 
Harken Single Wire Bullet Block with Swivel #: H183 

Our Price: $44.95 
Harken Wire Thru-Deck Bullet Block w/S.S. Cover Plate #: H288 

Our Price: $56.95 
Harken Wire Upright Lead Bullet Block #: H108 

Our Price: $44.95 
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