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Actisense PRO-BUF-1 Professional NMEA0183 Buffer

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A flexible and robust solution to large NMEA 0183 networks.
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Brand:  Actisense
MFG Part#:   PRO-BUF-1-BAS-R
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Actisense PRO-BUF-1 Professional NMEA0183 Buffer PRO-BUF-1-BAS-R

The Actisense PRO-BUF-1 is a flexible and robust solution to large NMEA 0183 networks.

An adaptable NMEA 0183 Buffer with a variety of operating modes. 

Provides two OPTO-isolated inputs and twelve ISO-DriveTM outputs, keeping devices safe from hazardous ground loops.

The PRO-BUF-1 is reliable, robust and provides isolation on all inputs and outputs as standard. With two NMEA 0183 inputs, twelve NMEA 0183 outputs, a bi-directional serial port and an Ethernet port, the PRO-BUF-1 is a perfect solution for larger leisure vessels and commercial shipping.

The PRO-BUF-1 is designed to suit the majority of NMEA 0183 systems and ready to go "out of the box" by simply hard-wiring the two mode inputs as required. 

The manually configurable basic modes of operation include variations of buffer modes, autoswitch modes, and combine modes.

For all other configurations, leaving the mode inputs floating selects the "User Configuration Mode". The web browser based configuration tool allows full customisation of the PRO-BUF-1, and is compatible across all popular Operating Systems. 

The PRO-BUF-1 supports a direct Ethernet connection to a PC without the need for a specialised Ethernet crossover cable.

To make installation quick and simple the PRO-BUF-1 features 2-Part pluggable connectors that allow use of screw or screwless terminals, and a professional DIN rail mounting mechanism (DIN rail included).

Helpful LEDs indicate power, data in, data out and the alarm status to aid diagnostics.

  • All inputs, outputs and battery supply electrically isolated to create networks completely safe from ground loops
  • 1 x Ethernet port
  • 1 x Alarm output (N/O and N/C contacts)
  • Pre-defined modes of operation for quick setup
  • "User Configuration Mode" provides a customized
  • Diagnostic LEDs (power, data in/out & alarm)
  • Designed for 12 and 24 Volt supply
  • Pluggable connector system supports both screw and screwless terminals
  • Browser-based configuration tool means the PRO-BUF-1 can be configured from any operating system
  • Automatic baud rate matching on inputs for plug and play operation
  • Independently configurable outputs supporting different baud rates from a single device
  • "Future proof" with easily upgraded firmware

  Actisense PRO-BUF-1-Data-Sheet Issue-3.0

  Actisense PRO-BUF-1 User Manual Issue-1.00

Technical Specifications

Power Supply  
Input supply voltage 10 to 35 V DC
Input supply current 325 mA max @ 12V DC (all outputs @ full drive into 100 ohm loads)
Input protection Continuous reverse polarity, transient overvoltage and ESD protection
Power indicator LED, Blue - indicates unit is functioning correctly
NMEA 0183 Port - Listener & Talker 
Number of Listener / Input ports 2  isolated NMEA 0183 Listeners
Number of Talker / Output ports 12 isolated NMEA 0183 Talkers
Compatibility Fully NMEA 0183, RS422 & RS232 compatible. RS485 Listener compatible
Electrical isolation 2500 V input to ground, 1500 V output to ground using ISO-DriveTM
Speed / baud rate 4800 to 38400 bps
Talker output voltage drive

>= 2.1V (differential) into 100 ohm
Talker output current drive 20 mA maximum per output
Talker output protection Short circuit and ESD
Listener input voltage tolerance -15 V to +15 V continuous, -35 V to +35 V short term (< 1 second)
Listener input protection Current limited, overdrive protection to 40 VDC and ESD protection
Listener data indicator LED, Green (Flashes to indicate valid input)
Talker data indicator LED, Orange (Flashes at data rate)
Serial Port  
Number of input ports 1 isolated input
Number of output ports 1 isolated output
Compatibility RS422 & RS232 compatible. RS485 Listener compatible
Electrical isolation 2500 V input to ground 1500 V output to ground using ISO-DriveTM
Speed / baud rate 4800 to 115200 bps
Output voltage drive >= 2.1V (differential) into 100 ohm
Output current drive 20 mA max.
Output protection Short circuit and ESD
Input voltage tolerance -15 V to +15 V continuous, -35 V to +35 V short term (< 1 second)
Input protection Current limited, overdrive protection to 40 VDC and ESD protection
Ethernet Port  
Host interface 10/100BaseT, automatic polarity detection
Supported protocols TCP/IP for configuration and firmware updating
TCP/IP and UDP for NMEA 0183 comms*
Connector RJ45
Electrical isolation 2kV
Indicators Green - Link, Yellow - 100 Mbps
Mode Inputs
Input voltage range 0 to 35V DC
Protection Transient overvoltage and ESD protection
Alarm Output
Contacts Normally open and normally closed*
Electrical isolation 1000V between power supply and contacts
Alarm indicator LED, red indicates a valid alarm condition
Housing material Polycarbonate / ABS blend
Flame retardancy UL94 - V0
Weight 250g
Mounting DIN rail mount (35mm top hat rail EN 50 022)
Compass safe distance TBD
Wiring terminals Pluggable 2/3 way screw or screwless connectors, 5mm pitch, 12 to 30 AWG
Approvals and Certifications  
EMC IEC 60945 (sections 9 & 10)
CE 2004/108/EC
Environmental protection IP44
Operating temperature  -20°C to +70°C
Storage temperature  -40°C to +85°C
Relative Humidity (RH)  0 - 80% RH
Guarantee  5 years

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